"The commitment to our project and attention to detail was world-class. Having decades of construction experience, Andrew used his seasoned perspective to consistently make the build more efficient and of higher quality. We are privileged to have the team invest in our home through the Patterson Custom Care Program. We would recommend Patterson Custom Homes to anyone building a custom home and can't speak highly enough of Andrew and his team."

– French Transitional Client

"We used Patterson to build a 14,000 square foot home on the harbor. Andrew and his team work at a very high level. Their passion for excellence and stunning design is second to none. We enjoyed working with a builder who fanatically cares about quality, especially on a home of this scale. The post-completion follow-up as well as their preventative maintenance Custom Care program has been excellent. We would definitely use Patterson on our next home."

– Modern Beach House Client

"Some builders just perform based on their contract, but that wasn’t the case with Patterson Custom Homes. There were numerous times when Andrew came up with a change that would enhance the house when he could have kept quiet (and we’ve seen a lot of builders that would keep quiet), but he stepped up to make it the best it could be. That, to me, says a lot about a builder. The Custom Care Program is a great service – to have Andrew’s team available is a huge benefit to us."

– Harbor Island Traditional Client

"One of the best decisions we ever have made was to hire Andrew and his team to build our home. The personal attention to every detail, the transparency and approachability of everyone on the team, and the life-long friendships that have evolved out of our project are gifts beyond measure. We signed up for the Custom Care program and cannot believe how quick they are to respond and how helpful they have been – it is a lifesaver! Thank you for being the best in the business.”

– Marigold Modern Zen Client

"We just sold our Patterson home that we built in 2013 and received the highest price ever for a front unit in our neighborhood! The years of annual maintenance by the Custom Care team paid off as our house is as nice as the day we moved in. The value of their preventative home maintenance program is undeniable and if you wish to protect your asset and capitalize on its value at sale time, we cannot recommend the Custom Care program highly enough!"

– Acacia Contemporary Client

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  • Construction
  • Custom Care Program
  • Partners

Heliotrope Transitional

“Andrew is great. I found a property in Corona Del Mar. He helped me evaluate its potential and we are working on the plans now. Andrew is always available by phone or email. He is very professional in every aspect of his work ethic. He has a great looking finished product, and I am looking forward to having one of them.”

Heliotrope Transitional Client

Patterson Custom Homes Client

“Very professional. Great staff. Good design ideas. Completed work even through major difficulties. Has been helpful in non-related services.”

Patterson Custom Homes Client

Via Quito Traditional

“We wanted a high quality, timeless home and choosing Patterson Custom Homes was the only choice for us. No detail was overlooked in our house and it shows! On-site meetings with our Patterson team kept us informed of the project status and the budget – not only that, they made it fun! The knowledge that we have the Patterson team a phone call away if any issues arise in the future is another benefit of using Patterson Custom Homes. We absolutely love our new home and would highly recommend Andrew and his team if you are looking to build a new home.”

Via Quito Traditional Client

Jodi Fleming Design

“Andrew Patterson and his entire team continue to impress us. Organization, thoroughness, and customer service are key in this industry. This team goes above and beyond. Attention to detail is their specialty. Andrew makes this a fun process, and we always say it should be fun! If you are looking for a builder – sit back, relax, and let a great team take care of you!”

Jodi Fleming Design

Patterson Custom Homes Client

“We would highly recommend Patterson Custom Homes. They are a wonderful company, easy to work with, and very professional. The commitment that Andrew and the entire team gave was amazing throughout the project. Andrew is very talented, with a great vision. He brought some great ideas from the design, all the way to the finest detail of tile, countertops, lighting, mirrors, etc. He’s very detailed orientated. Ruben, the Project Manager, was always ready with honest opinions to help guide our decision-making. He kept all the contractors on schedule and completed our house in ten months, on budget, and to excellent quality standards. He is still just a phone call away. Great customer care!”

Patterson Custom Homes Client

Marigold Modern Zen

“One of the best decisions we ever have made is to hire Andrew and his team to build our home in Corona Del Mar.  The personal attention to every detail, the transparency and approachability of everyone on the team, and the life-long friendships that have evolved out of our project are gifts beyond measure.  We signed up for the Custom Care program and cannot believe how helpful and quick to respond the guys are to help us when we have issues with our home.  This post-project care program is unique to Patterson Custom Homes and is a life-saver in so many moments and for so many reasons! Thank you Patterson Custom Homes for being the best in the business.  We feel lucky to have chosen you to make our beach dream home a reality.”

Marigold Modern Zen Client

Goldenrod Contemporary Client

“As homebuilders ourselves, we believed Andrew Patterson and his team were the right people to build our new contemporary home literally next store to our previous Patterson-built home. Andrew has the right combination of passion for design, commitment for detail and the internal processes to keep a project on time and (mostly) within budget. The entire team worked seamlessly with our architect and interior designer which can often be a friction point of a custom build. We are also huge fans of Patterson’s post-completion warranty and customer service program. We whole heartedly recommend Patterson Custom Homes to anyone that is in the market for an exceptional new home construction and experience.”


Poppy Modern Farmhouse

“We had an amazing experience building our home in Corona Del Mar with Patterson Custom Homes. The process is efficient, transparent, and yes, even fun. Andrew is a talented builder who not only takes pride in every aspect of the homes he builds, but also in making sure the overall experience for his clients is a very positive one. The Patterson team is a group of highly committed, responsive, and hard-working individuals who help create for their clients a streamlined process that results in a home you can love for a lifetime. We highly recommend Patterson Custom Homes and would build another home with them if we had the chance.”

Poppy Modern Farmhouse Client

Patterson Custom Homes Client

“Patterson built my home in CDM and it turned out beautifully. The workmanship was excellent and the owner was helpful and responsive. I modified some of the finish materials ‘on the fly’ and they cooperated with me on this as well. I would recommend them to others.”

Patterson Custom Homes Client

Patterson Custom Homes Homeowner

“We purchased a new home which was built by Patterson and completed in 2009. Although we were not involved with the Patterson team during the construction, we visited the construction site many times during the build and observed the quality being utilized.”

Patterson Custom Homes Homeowner

Denise Morrison Interiors

“Andrew and the Patterson Custom Homes team continuously amaze us with their ability to bring great design to life in their homes. From start to finish, Patterson’s team is efficient, caring, and truly puts the client first. As interior designers we appreciate the team-approach they foster on projects, creating a truly enjoyable experience for all involved. We have been fortunate enough to work on numerous projects together and look forward to many more. We couldn’t recommend their services more highly!”

Denise Morrison Interiors

Ultra-Mod Home Concepts

“My husband and I are building our third duplex with Patterson Custom Homes and we have nothing but rave reviews for their work. We build a much more contemporary style than they are known for but they pull it off to perfection. We build very complicated homes involving extensive steel and concrete structures with excessive use of glass and angled walls. Our project manager was able to think outside the box and create every out-of-the-ordinary concept we envisioned. We live in one of the duplexes and we are ecstatic with the result. It feels like we live in a resort! Even more impressive than Andrew Patterson’s build is his warranty. He has a subsidiary company called Custom Care that does nothing but fix issues that arise after move-in and he warranties his work! How many people can honestly say they like their builder at the end of one job, never mind three?!”

Ultra-Mod Home Concepts

Patterson Custom Homes Client

“Patterson Custom Homes has been wonderful to work with and provides exceptional customer service!”

Patterson Custom Homes Client

Bayfront Transitional

“I think Patterson Custom Homes’ workmanship and finish are the best I have seen on any home. After seeing the house complete we know Patterson Custom Homes was the right choice to build our “Jewel On The Bay.” The project from permitting, demolition, slab pour, framing, plumbing, electrical, finish carpentry, elevator installation, final certificate of occupancy and billing was professional. Their staff was always responsive to questions or change orders and followed through with our requests to ensure our needs were met. The onsite meetings with the Patterson team were timely and effective as is reflected by the finished product. Our project manager, Shaun, became part of our family and was not only very professional but had a great attitude throughout construction. He continues to help our family along with our interior designer to call this project a wrap!”

Bayfront Transitional Client

Lindye Galloway Interiors

“Andrew and the Patterson team set the standard of excellence when it comes to quality craftsmanship. Their homes exude attention to detail and the highest design, crafted by a truly professional team. As an interior designer, our studio is constantly impressed by their organization, timeliness, and care for each client. We always love collaborating with this talented team on our homes throughout Newport Beach!”

Lindye Galloway Interiors

Fernleaf Transitional III

“Patterson built my new home in CDM in 2016. Quality, quality, quality in everything they do. I could not be happier with my home. The personnel is outstanding – very professional and extremely responsive. I also belong to their Custom Care Program, which is an annual offering, and I think it’s a great value. Every item in the interior and on the exterior is addressed, inspected, spruced – whatever is required. On a five-star scale, I would rate Patterson Custom Homes 10 stars.”

Fernleaf Transitional III Client

Orchid Southern Revival

“A lot of our friends in Newport Beach had admired Andrew’s work and we were told that he was one of the best builders in the area. We had been looking for a new home and had been admiring a certain house of his for some time, and when we saw that the home was on the market we quickly made an offer and purchased it. It was a really nice surprise to later learn that not only was it a Patterson Custom Home, but this home was Andrew Patterson’s personal home at one time, so it made it extra special. We love our home and would recommend Patterson Custom Homes to anyone.”

Orchid Southern Revival Homeowner

Maia Ziegler Dwyer

“I have worked with Patterson on multiple projects for the past eight years. Andrew and his team have created many beautiful homes for his clients and made a mark in the community of Corona del Mar. Andrew’s personal involvement allows each project to be unique while being true to his vision. I am certain there will be many more wonderful homes built by Andrew and his team.”

Maia Ziegler Dwyer

Lido Transitional

“My husband and I were truly grateful to have had the incredible opportunity to work with Andrew Patterson and his entire team! Their creativity, expertise and combined vision was unsurpassed and carried our job from beginning to end. There were weeks that we were not present during construction yet the quality of work, attention to detail, and enthusiasm never wavered; giving us tremendous confidence that our house was always in expert hands. Andrew is hands-on and has surrounded himself with the industry’s best! Andrew and the Patterson team delivered to us a house that exemplifies quality workmanship and unique details. They represent the best of integrity and honesty! We have great comfort in knowing our home will continue to be maintained with the same professionalism and expertise with the Patterson Custom Home Care Program!”

Lido Transitional Client

Orchid Transitional

“Patterson is the BEST company in California! I would like to congratulate Andrew for all that he has done to get here. With him and all the people that work with him everything is possible, but in a very professional and honest way. For me they are not only an example as a company but as humans too. Always on time, always happy, everything is, “Yes we can!” I would like to thank all the people that worked on my house, because every single thing works well because of them. From the smallest thing like turning on a light though riding the elevator. I am so happy I can’t thank you all for so many perfect things along this beautiful ride of making my house like you did: a home! Thanks so much, God bless you all.”

Orchid Transitional Client

Blackband Design

“We have had the pleasure of working with Andrew Patterson and his team to bring beautiful custom homes to life. Andrew brings a healthy intensity to each project with his determination to create the best home for his clients – best material, best design, best service, best maintenance. As a builder, he has a unique eye for design and truly understands how to execute the interior design elements we provide. The Patterson team lays out clear deadlines for all decisions and communicates with all involved to keep the project on schedule. Patterson’s project coordinators serve as advocates for our interior designs to the build team, while the project managers keep the construction moving forward on site. Working with Patterson Custom Homes guarantees a team of organized professionals dedicated to getting the job done right – assurance we greatly appreciate throughout the process of executing our designs and keeping our clients happy. The collaborative nature of our teams is essential to the success of our projects and continuously motivates us to further create unique designs. The combination of Andrew’s passion for quality and lighthearted sense of humor makes him and his team great to work with throughout the build process and beyond. You’ll likely even have fun along the way!”

Blackband Design

Patterson Custom Homes Client

“We’ve actually used Andrew Patterson twice to build custom homes for us in Corona del Mar. Having built several custom homes over the years we’ve worked with a number of architects/custom builders and have to say that Patterson Custom Homes and Brandon Architects has been by far our best experience. Andrew is a builder with integrity and he delivers what he says he will do: very close to budget and on time. He and Chris Brandon have earned a solid reputation as a great builder/architect team because of the quality product that they design/build and a product that Patterson backs up with good service post-construction. Andrew lives in Newport Beach; it’s where he has been building a quality product for two decades. It’s also where he lives. He has earned his reputation by delivering what he promises. We endorse Patterson Custom Homes and Brandon Architects. We’d use Andrew and Chris a third time without a doubt.”

Patterson Custom Homes Client

Modern Beach House

“We used Patterson to build a 14,000 square foot home on the harbor. Andrew and his team work at a very high level. Their passion for excellence and stunning design is second to none. We enjoyed working with a builder who fanatically cares about quality, especially on a home of this scale. There were also many occasions where they would come up with an idea that would elevate the design and livability, but would clearly take more time and not result in more profit for them, yet they pushed it because they felt the project would be better. The post-completion follow-up with their customer service department as well as their preventative maintenance Custom Care program has been excellent. We would definitely use Patterson on our next home.”

Modern Beach House Client

Poppy Contemporary

“I bought my Patterson Custom Home in March of 2015 and love it now even more than the day I moved in. As a soon-to-be empty nester, I was in the market to relocate to a smaller home, but was not willing to make any concessions in terms of quality in doing so. I’d heard of Andrew Patterson through friends of mine and was familiar with Patterson Custom Homes’ reputation for quality and attention to detail. While house hunting, a friend of mine drove me past Patterson’s many creations throughout Corona Del Mar’s Flower Streets, and I was continually impressed by what I saw. Thankfully, I found a Patterson Custom Home on the market that I had my heart set on. I insisted I meet with the builder prior to making an offer, and to my surprise, he agreed. What I found truly impressive was the fact that Andrew took the time out of his busy schedule to speak with a potential buyer despite the fact that there wasn’t even a deal in place yet. In speaking with Andrew, I could see the passion he has for building beautiful, custom homes and knew that I couldn’t go wrong with purchasing a Patterson creation. While relocating from a nearly 4,000 square foot home to one nearly a third of the size, I never felt like I was making any concessions in the process. My Patterson Custom Home was, in fact, so well-built that I felt I was simply trading in quantity of space for quality of space. Every detail of the home was thoughtfully executed, from the interior fit and finish items to the overall layout of the home to allow lots of natural light and maximize the square footage. I have absolutely loved living in my Patterson Custom Home. I’m stopped almost monthly by passersby’s commenting on the beauty of my home and asking who built it, which speaks to Andrew’s aesthetic and attention to detail. Patterson also offers a warranty program for their homes, which gives me peace of mind. On the rare occasion I have a housing need that requires attention their warranty program facilitates the process. They are responsive and have been amazing to work with, saving me a lot of time. Working with Andrew and the Patterson team has truly been a great experience and I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in building or buying a beautiful, unique, high-quality home.”

Poppy Contemporary Homeowner

Narcissus Mediterranean

“Patterson Custom Homes completed an amazing Cape Cod style house in Corona del Mar for me this year and another Santa Barbara style home this year. Not only were they the most professional in the business, they also produce an amazing, high-quality product. If you are looking for quality, efficiency, and great people to work with, I highly recommend Patterson Custom Homes.”

Narcissus Mediterranean Client

Heliotrope Coastal

“We recently moved into our new home built by Patterson Custom Homes and we couldn’t be happier. We were expecting a very nice home based on the feedback from a lot of people we had talked to, but we were amazed with the quality of workmanship on our beautiful home. The Patterson team, especially our Project Manager, were involved daily with personal attention to every detail. The subcontractors that worked on the home were equally tremendous and worked hard to see that our expectations were met.  We have been involved in quite a few building projects, but feel that this dream home has exceeded them all.”

Heliotrope Coastal Client

Bayside Contemporary II

“Company built my beautiful home on-time and on-budget in Newport Beach. The subcontractors worked efficiently and well. I would highly recommend.”

Bayside Contemporary II Client

Fernleaf Transitional

“It was a pleasure to work with Andrew Patterson and the entire Patterson Custom Homes team on our new home. Andrew went above and beyond for us from start to finish, giving us extra attention throughout the process. He invited me to join him personally on the CDM Home Tour and we spent the day together walking through homes and discussing designs and features to help me get a better idea of what I wanted my home to look like and how I wanted it to function, and for him to better understand my vision. Andrew understands that there is a connection between the home and the homeowner and knew that in order to build the best home possible, it was important to get to know my family and me and customize the home to our lifestyle and preferences. Not only did I have a great experience working with Andrew, I also thoroughly enjoyed working with the project manager, Ben, and the project coordinator. Their streamlined communication and organization throughout the process made the build seem easy and manageable. Although there may be issues that come up in the custom home building process no matter the builder, Andrew has hired a strong team and they always had a solution ready. This was true not only during construction, but once the house was completed as well. A few months into living in the home, the finish started to wear off the painted tile that was selected. Andrew and the Patterson team jumped right on the problem and got the manufacturer to replace the tile. They performed the work while our family was out of town so as not to disturb us. They took care of all coordination and supervision to ensure the work was performed to the Patterson Standard and left our home looking brand new again. Because of the incredible service provided throughout the build and through the Warranty and Custom Care Program, I feel like I am part of the Patterson Family. I had a great experience overall and would highly recommend Andrew Patterson and the Patterson Custom Homes team to anyone interested in building a custom home.”

Fernleaf Transitional Client

Balboa Transitional

“We engaged Patterson Custom Homes to build a two bedroom guesthouse with a loft. In general, our experience with Patterson was excellent. The Patterson team did good work and responded in a timely fashion to our inquiries and issues, which was important given that we were overseeing the project from our main residence over 2,000 miles away. As with any construction project, there were occasional glitches, but in those cases, Patterson was responsive to our concerns and took ownership where appropriate. Our project manager was particularly good to work with. He was proactive, communicative, and got things done. As a result, the end project looks great.”

Balboa Transitional Client

Beach View Traditional

“Our experience with Patterson Custom Homes was great. Mind you there are always issues with any construction project but how they get handled in an informed and timely matter is what counts. The PCH team was great! “The Wolf” aka Andrew himself is highly involved in all of his projects and has an especially good eye for detail and creative suggestions. Start with a good architect and a solid builder and you have a winner! Can’t say enough about their inside team at PCH and our site supervisor Don who all did a great job. Make no mistakes Andrew beats the drum and they all follow his lead. Highly recommended.”

Beach View Traditional Client

Sandcastle Transitional

“I worked with the Patterson team for my Corona Del Mar custom home and really enjoyed the professionalism, speed, and quality that went into my home. Every Friday we would meet as a team to make decisions which were put into place. I think this is in part due to the fact that all of the Patterson team (owner Andrew Patterson, Heather, project manager, and project coordinator) were there as well as my designer. My project manager was there every day to ensure that my home’s construction went smoothly. The Patterson team’s dedication to my home made the fact that I live an hour away and cannot be there often seem like a minor detail. Additionally, all of the workers were professionals who were excellent at their craft. All of this adds up to an excellent experience that is entirely different from some of my other building projects. I especially appreciated Andrew’s personal interest in my project and what I wanted in my house. I would definitely recommend Patterson Custom Homes for a custom home build.”

Sandcastle Transitional Client

Acacia Contemporary

“I am writing this review mostly to address the Patterson Custom Care Program. My wife is a designer and has previously reviewed Patterson Custom Homes and we have nothing but the highest of compliments for their workmanship. Construction compliments aside, they completed our home in January 2013 and as soon as the Custom Care Program was created, we were the third customers to sign up for it. Here we are, eight years later, and we have just sold our home. Not only did we achieve over our asking price, but we received the highest price for a front unit in our neighborhood, ever! Our eight-year-old home sold for more than comparable new construction homes! When we received the buyers’ inspection report, the items were quite simple: paint touch-ups, tighten sprinkler heads in ceilings, provide a gas wrench, etc. The years of annual maintenance checks by the Patterson Custom Care team paid off as our house is as nice as the day we moved in. There were minor cracks in our concrete floor that we chose to leave as we like the distressed look of a concrete floor. Our buyers, however, preferred to re-finish the floors. To address their concerns, Patterson’s team sent over the appropriate trade within days of our request and offered a bid to do the work for the buyers. They helped close our sale with everything they maintained over the years and then again by addressing the minor request for repairs. They offer three levels of service in their program depending on your requirements. Each level has a punch list of items that are included and even then, they allowed us to customize a few items specific to our home (i.e. They offer deep cleaning for your BBQ but we added a cleaning for a second BBQ. We also have radiant floor heating so they added annual service checks for that system.) This is a second home for us so Bob and Brittany were able to meet each and every trade who needed access to our home. We weren’t even inconvenienced for one minute. All appointments can be scheduled online with a time that works for both the tradesperson and the homeowner. The value of this program is undeniable and if you wish to protect your asset and capitalize on its value at sale time, we cannot recommend the Patterson Custom Care program highly enough!”

Acacia Contemporary Client

French Transitional

“We had the privilege of working with Patterson Custom Homes building our dream home. Five stars seems insufficient for the amazing job that Andrew and his team did for us on our home. From start to finish, the process was incredibly organized, efficient, and streamlined. We were privileged to work with the best in the business in building our home and were blown away by the dedication and talent of the team at Patterson Custom Homes, especially our Project Manager, Shaun. The commitment to our project and attention to detail was world-class. Having decades of construction experience, Andrew used his seasoned perspective to identify problems before they could become problems and consistently found ways to make the build more efficient and of higher quality. The entire team managed whatever challenge we could throw their way with creativity and flawless execution. We were able to work with the best trades in the business due to their relationships with Andrew and his team and were able to build our home incredibly quickly due to successful project management. After living in our home for six months, we have appreciated the quality of construction in our daily lives. We are privileged to continue to have the PCH team invest in our home through the Patterson Custom Care Program. The Custom Care team is dedicated to maintaining the quality of our home and have taken much of the maintenance of the home off of our plate. We would highly recommend Patterson Custom Homes to anyone building a custom home and can’t speak highly enough of Andrew and his team.”

French Transitional Client

Seaward Mediterranean

“The whole team at Patterson went above and beyond in making sure we were happy with our new home. The subcontractors used were all very professional and did quality work. Patterson’s commitment to detail is very apparent, both while building our home and in their timely responses to our needs after we moved in. We love our home!”

Seaward Mediterranean Client

Brandon Architects

“Andrew Patterson and his team represent a zenith in custom home building in the Newport Beach area. Their organization and professionalism is unmatched and continues to impress. Due in large part to their use of technology, staffing, open-book policy and fastidious attention to detail our clients continue to give rave reviews. Brandon Architects has been privileged to work with Mr. Patterson on many successful projects since our inception in 2009. His desire to have happy clients is paramount, and his passion for what he does is so great it’s sometimes exhausting. Over and over he’s proven to be a driver of ever more beautiful and successfully executed designs. A willingness to tackle difficult design challenges and push boundaries is a great (but often rare) quality to find in a contractor. We always appreciate partnering with Patterson Custom Homes because we know the project will be fun, timely, successful, and beautifully executed. We highly recommend PCH to anyone looking to build a new custom home in the coastal Orange County area. There’s a long line of happy Brandon Architects/Patterson Custom Home clients and we look forward to many more in the future.”

Brandon Architects

Dana Point Coastal

“Thank you again for the awesome job you did during this year’s Custom Care Program. We actually think that this year’s results are even better than Year 1. We have come to understand how important it is to service our house in all the areas that the Custom Care Program touches. We are committed to maintaining our home just as Patterson Custom Homes presented it to us upon completion in 2018. The scheduling of the many vendors was flawless, and equally important to us has been the follow up by your team in addressing any issues. We are very glad to be part of the program and in your care.”

Dana Point Coastal Client

Bill Caskey + Associates Architects

“Andrew Patterson is an excellent builder. He is very respectful to the architect’s design. The quality and attention to detail is extraordinary.”

Bill Caskey + Associates Architects

Orrington Modern

“Our experience with Patterson Custom Homes more than exceeded our expectations! The home is beautifully built and working with the team was a pleasure from start to finish. Andrew and our project supervisor Ben took amazing care of us through the entire process. We would build another house with them in a heartbeat.”

Orrington Modern Client

Narcissus Transitional II

“This review is a very long time coming. Andrew Patterson, along with his entire team, are absolutely incredible to work with. From beginning to end the dedication that came from every individual on our project (Brittany – Marketing Director, Jessica – Project Coordinator, and Bill – Project Manager) was exceptional. When we met with Andrew Patterson, he was professional, enthusiastic, kind, generous and extremely knowledgeable. His one goal was to make sure the process and the end result were perfect. We were amazed and grateful that whenever we needed to go over something or when we had our on-site meetings they listened and followed through on everything. We were always informed during the entire building process, and we cannot say enough great things about this company and the people behind it! As mentioned this review was a long time coming…we just had our first Custom Care maintenance appointment. We are once again grateful for this maintenance program and the peace of mind that comes with it. Bob and Tim, along with their subcontractors, did an amazing job for us. Thank you!”

Narcissus Transitional II Client

Tustin Traditional II

“Patterson is a top-notch contractor. Like any project, we had our ups and downs, but he made sure that we were always happy throughout the entire project. He always had our best interest as his first priority and was really “on our side.” His subcontractors were very good and all did very professional work. The painters were amazing as well as his finish carpenters who took our very intricate plans and brought them to life. I’d use Andrew and his team again for our house every time.”

Tustin Traditional II Client

Bayfront Traditional

“From the moment I met Andrew five years ago, I knew I could trust him to create for me a home that I would love and be very happy in and I can honestly say that he met all of my expectations. From the beginning, he helped me select an architect and together we created every detail of my home. I live on the bayfront, and I have people going by my home daily. Any day that I am on my patio, visitors to the island tell me our home is “their favorite house,” or “You have such a beautiful home.” I credit Andrew for his creativity, his knowledge and his vision. Andrew continues to care about my home. He does not stop caring when the work is done.”

Bayfront Traditional Client

Patterson Custom Homes Client

“I’m extremely happy with my experience with Patterson Custom Homes. While there are many builders out there that can build a house, there is no one that can maintain a house like Patterson Custom Homes, thanks to the Patterson Custom Care Program. If there is ever a problem, there is always a solution with Patterson. My home was completed by the Patterson team over four years ago and I love it every day!”

Patterson Custom Homes Client

Orrington Organic Modern Client

“Andrew Patterson and his team are the best in the business! Professional, dedicated, talented, creative and very responsive. From the start of our project everyone involved went above and beyond. Andrew was involved throughout the whole build and our superintendent Ben was/is amazing and very knowledgeable. If you are going to build a home these are the people you want doing it.”

Orrington Organic Modern Client

Limar Painting and Design

“We have worked with Andrew and his team for many years and we’re still blown away with the work they do. If you’re looking to build a new home, definitely give them a call!”

Limar Painting and Design

Oceanfront Eastern Seaboard

“Andrew Patterson is quite simply the best builder around. He has everything down to a science. His construction team works like clockwork, and he has as good an eye for design and detail as the very best elite designers. We have done several projects and design choices are always difficult. Andrew’s input and creative ideas made everything simple. His team helped with every aspect of the project – from material ordering, to permits, to deliveries, to returns.”

Oceanfront Eastern Seaboard Client

Larkspur Transitional II

“Andrew is an innovator, a great thinker, and incredibly creative. Not only that, but he has hired a great team. When we would meet, he would say, “Don’t give me credit, give the team the credit because they are the ones that keep it moving,” and I can honestly say it’s been an absolute pleasure working with Andrew and his entire team. One of our favorite aspects of the entire build process was the ability to advantage of the Patterson Custom Care Program once we moved in. We are currently part-time residents and so this turnkey program has been a Godsend. It frees us from the time, hassle and energy needed to keep up with the routine maintenance needs of our new home, such as servicing our HVAC units or cleaning out our air ducts, and it’s all done seamlessly, automatically and professionally by the Patterson team. It’s been just about a year now since we moved in, and during our first year there were months at a time when we were out of town and couldn’t get back to the home, and the Patterson team continued with the maintenance updates on our home to keep it in pristine condition. The Patterson team shows such energy and enthusiasm for the entire build process and especially the aftercare program, and it’s been a pleasure working with Brittany who handles Warranty and Custom Care. I know I can call her and she’ll get right on whatever I need, and I know that if she is busy, I can call anyone else on the team and they get the message back to her and the work gets done. Anyone who owns a home in our area who is not part of the Custom Care Program – especially those who are part-time residents – is missing out on a wonderful service. Now that I’m part of the program I can’t imagine what I would do without it!”

Larkspur Transitional II Client

Tustin Traditional I

“I highly recommend Patterson Custom Homes. They stuck to the budget and were extremely helpful. If I were to build another house I would definitely use them again.”

Tustin Traditional I Client

Amethyst Traditional

“We are very happy Patterson clients. From project inception to completion, the Patterson team has provided outstanding customer service and the highest quality workmanship, resulting in our dream home. While we started out as clients, over the course of the project we became friends. Weekly on-site meetings ensured that everyone was on the same page and exposed any issues to be immediately addressed. A formal project plan with monthly updates provided us full transparency of work completed and scheduled, and change orders were fully documented for easy review. Each subcontractor seemed to be the best of their trade, and they all treated our home like their own. While experienced with remodels, we had never built a custom home from ground up and are grateful for the guidance the Patterson team provided from beginning to end. We recommend Patterson Custom Homes without any reservation to anyone seeking to build an exceptional home.”

Amethyst Traditional Client

Cliff Traditional

“Patterson Custom Homes is a highly professional builder to work with and their follow-up after the build has been fantastic.”

Cliff Traditional Client

Orchid Traditional II

“The famous architect, Mies van der Rohe, once said, ‘God is in the details.’ He may well have been speaking about Newport Beach contractor Andrew Patterson. When you enter an Andrew Patterson house it’s easy to see that you are in a quality-built house. But what you cannot see are the details that make that house a truly special house. For example, take the building of a wall. Most contractors build walls using half-inch drywall over 2×4 wall studs. That would be where most contractors would stop. But not Andrew Patterson. First, Andrew Patterson uses 2×6 studs on the outer walls. That leaves room for extra installation in the exterior walls. Andrew Patterson even goes further and insulates all the interior walls and ceilings. Andrew Patterson still does not stop there. Next, and this is remarkable, the wooden studs are planed to make sure that the walls are absolutely straight. Andrew Patterson still goes further and uses five-eighths of an inch drywall which is thicker than the drywall used by most contractors. That means that the walls in a Patterson Custom Home are going to be absolutely straight and flat. This is how Andrew Patterson builds a wall! This is just one example of what you are going to get when you hire Andrew Patterson to build your dream home. And, that is why I hired Andrew Patterson to build my home in Corona Del Mar.”

Orchid Traditional II Client

Ocean Eastern Seaboard

“I just completed the building of my beautiful new home in CDM with Patterson and it exceeded my expectations in every way. I am beyond thrilled. The level of commitment that Andrew and the whole team put into the project is amazing. They are so involved and always go that extra mile to make sure every detail is perfect. I think it is so rare to find individuals who take such pride in their work. They love what they do and it shows! Andrew Patterson and their team are truly committed to giving every client the best possible home. I would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone considering building a new home.”

Ocean Eastern Seaboard Client

Patterson Custom Homes

“I have built two homes with Patterson – a duplex in Corona Del Mar and a luxury bayfront home on Balboa Island. I chose Patterson after a competitive bid process with many other custom home builders in the area. Both homes were built on time, on budget, and to exacting quality standards. I was impressed with the management at Patterson and believe they represent a new generation in custom home building, bringing a level of professionalism, flexibility, and ongoing customer support not usually seen in the industry. For example, Patterson’s billing and accounting, home specification documentation, and warranty binder are comparable to what one would find in a Fortune 500 company, not a local builder. And Patterson’s “open book” policy provided a level of trust and honesty that made my decisions about design/construction modifications easy to make with full confidence. And finally, what truly impressed me about Patterson was their commitment to stand behind their homes by providing continued professional, timely support for both warranty and on-going maintenance issues long after my homes were completed. I highly recommend that anyone planning to build a new home put Patterson on their short list.”

Patterson Custom Homes Client

Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty

“My client couldn’t be happier with the building process and the finished product. Andrew Patterson and his team were great to work with and built an amazing home. Thank you for making it so easy and fun!”

Realtor, Pacific Sotheby's International Realty

Heliotrope Transitional II

“We recently closed escrow on a fabulous Patterson Custom Home. Andrew Patterson and his team are very efficient, detail oriented and very conscientious. The home is absolutely perfect – every aspect and detail has been thoughtfully executed. Heather and Shaun were a pleasure to work with and did everything on a timely basis. The end-result is a home we are very proud of and ready to enjoy! Our gourmet dinner as a thank you was just an added perk! Thank you!”

Heliotrope Transitional II Client

Orchid Tropical

“We have a Patterson Custom Home and by far the ideas and implementations are way above others! Andrew’s ideas and input were necessary to create this outstanding product and beautiful home! We were fortunate to have our home featured in Luxe Magazine as well. Very grateful to the team we had and their patience with us (as it is a long process teamwork is huge!).”

Orchid Tropical Client

Lido Isle Modern Farmhouse

“Andrew Patterson and his team of professionals were great to work with on our new home. Our project coordinator kept us fully informed of the schedule and decisions we needed to make by target dates. Jeff was project manager and kept all the subcontractors on schedule and made sure every step was completed with the highest quality. Everyone we had contact with on this project was excellent at their part, and reflect well on the pride that Andrew Patterson has in his company and projects.”

Lido Isle Modern Farmhouse Client

Orchid Traditional I

“We hired Patterson Custom Homes earlier this year to build our first custom home. As newbies to this process, Patterson has been excellent in helping us navigate through the journey. We are about half-way through the build and we are extremely pleased with the results thus far. The project is right on time and from what we can tell, this truly will be our dream home thanks to the Patterson team.”

Orchid Traditional I Client

Larkspur Traditional I

“We recently purchased a Patterson Home and signed up for their Custom Care Program. The service from this program is exceptional. Getting maintenance and addressing any issues is painless. Patterson takes care of all the scheduling and ensures that the job is complete and done to the highest standards. I no longer have to chase down a contractor or service provider to do any maintenance as they take care of everything for you. Their website is easy to use and the response time is quick. I would recommend the service that Patterson Custom Homes provides to any homeowner that wants hassle free service.”

Larkspur Traditional I Homeowner

Bayshore Traditional

“After having interviewed a number of different builders in the area, I chose Patterson Custom Homes based on the quality of their product and their attention to detail. Everyone in the entire company has been incredible to work with and their quality standards are even higher than my own. They’ve made this process so easy, I can’t imagine building a home with anyone else.”

Bayshore Traditional Client

Brooke Wagner Design

“We cannot recommend Andrew Patterson more highly. His team is extremely knowledgeable and highly organized. They keep a job running smoothly with realistic accurate bids and timelines. They deliver exceptional quality and workmanship.”

Brooke Wagner Design

Larkspur Transitional III

“We worked with Patterson Custom Homes over the past year and recently completed our project in Corona Del Mar, California. We have only the highest regard for the entire team at Patterson. The workmanship is top-quality, and Andrew is very involved. He is very hesitant to make compromises to quality and at the same time has a great way of incorporating your personal vision. Changes were well received, and adjustments and upgrades easily integrated into the project as a weekly team meeting is organized and well-respected by the Patterson team. We only had a minor problem with one subcontractor but we were able to work easily though this problem with the open communication and workflow process that was in place. We pushed the original design a bit to reflect our personality as we bought at the framing stage. This vision was easily picked up by the team and balanced with the overall knowhow experience and good taste brought by Patterson. It was all-in-all a seamless and quite enjoyable process and we live overseas. All the communication took place over international lines and with a few visits which were well organized by the team. When I came to town our project team had a complete and fully supported schedule set up so that we could jointly make important decisions and keep the workflow smooth. We love our home in CDM and if we have a chance to build another, we will absolutely do it with Patterson Custom Homes.”

Larkspur Transitional III Client

Marigold Eastern Seaboard

“After seeing Patterson’s work in the community it was obvious that the quality of construction was high. Throughout the homebuilding process, the staff was available, attentive to our questions and did the work they said they would complete. I would highly recommend Patterson Construction to anyone in the area.”

Marigold Eastern Seaboard Client

Harbor Island Traditional

“Some home builders just perform based on their contract and they won’t go above and beyond, but that wasn’t the case with Patterson Custom Homes. In fact, there were numerous times when Andrew came up with a change that would enhance the house and make it better, and although it meant an elongated schedule and it wasn’t something he had to do, he did it anyway. He could have kept quiet, and we’ve seen a lot of builders that would keep quiet, but he didn’t. He made the house better even though it was at his personal cost, and he stepped up to make it the best it could be. That to me says a lot about a builder. I also think the aftercare program is a great service that Andrew performs. Especially when you talk about a bayfront house, there’s a lot of maintenance that’s required. For Andrew’s team to be available for a home aftercare program is a huge benefit to us, especially because we live out of state. But even if we lived here it wouldn’t make a difference, we would still want to participate in the aftercare program. Lastly, we really appreciated the fact that when you need someone and you call their office, they know who you are, and they are ready to go into action and do whatever you need them to do.”

Harbor Island Traditional Client

Sandcastle Modern

“For some years, we had been impressed with homes of friends that had been built by Andrew Patterson. When we decided a few years ago to build a modern home in Corona Del Mar we chose Patterson Custom Homes to do the build. From the start, Andrew was very helpful in planning and coordinating the design and choices with our architect and interior designer. His project manager and support staff were very good including their communications, preparations, cooperation, cordiality, performance, responsiveness and expertise. We went through Covid with few glitches, subs continued to work and we had few delays during a difficult period of time. In 2021, the home was finished and we moved in. It is a beautiful home, has won awards for our designer and been featured in magazines.

Upon completion it became apparent that there was a significant problem with the underground HVAC system. Andrew Patterson stepped up immediately to find the solution to the problem, working with us and constantly communicating with us to explore the options. He then promptly commenced and completed the necessary work, taking care of all the expenses without question. He was concerned for us and our feelings and devoted himself and his team to completing the needed remedial work expeditiously and beautifully.

From this and our past experiences, we know that there are often problems with new construction. The real test comes in how the contractor deals with the problems. Patterson’s response to our situation could not have been better. He took responsibility and solved the problems. We are totally pleased with Patterson, and our home, and would not hesitate to recommend Andrew Patterson and Patterson Custom Homes.”

Patterson Custom Homes Client

Harbor View Traditional

“My husband and I purchased a Patterson Custom Home about a year ago. Because it is important to us to maintain the beauty and integrity of our home we signed up for the Patterson Custom Care Program earlier this year. The Custom Care Program, through the reliable, knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and incredibly organized (big shout-out to Brittany!) staff at Patterson Custom Homes, offers full coordination and supervision of maintenance vendors and suppliers. They maintain your home’s full profile and records, and they offer easy online scheduling for convenience and availability. This program, along with the professionals at Patterson Custom Homes, makes home maintenance so easy. Things that would have taken me months to schedule and complete took their team two mornings to complete. They bring in professional, knowledgeable vendors, manage the process, and take care of everything. You don’t even need to be home, so there is no waiting for that four-hour window for a vendor to show up! Not only do they deserve a five-star review, but a big ‘Thank you’ from me!”

Harbor View Traditional Homeowner