Custom Care Program

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Entering into our 17th year in business, we decided to add another branch to our family tree: a revolutionary one-stop-shop, lifetime home maintenance program offered to our clients. Since a service like this being offered from a home builder is the first of its kind, we held a launch party back in September at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach to demonstrate the program to our Patterson Custom Homeowners.

The intention behind the program is to offer our homeowners a turnkey resource to keep their homes in pristine condition to be passed through successive generations, or if sold, to retain top market value. Just as a car requires routine maintenance and inspections, so too does a custom home. If the oil in a car is not periodically changed, the engine will eventually seize. Just like a vehicle, a home is a complex system in which one malfunction can lead to a great number of problems.

This is where the Custom Home Care Program comes in. By meeting with top trade subcontractors and tracking years of maintenance-related issues, we created a set of guidelines customizable to each unique home for service items required to keep each home in top condition. In collaboration with a renowned software developer, we created a program which automatically schedules all necessary services for the upcoming year for your home with simply the click of a button. Each appointment is overseen by an on-site manager to ensure quality of work performed who then tracks every service for the home and compiles a report card. This document becomes a permanent part of the owner’s record and becomes invaluable when the home is sold or passed on to the next generation.

The implementation of this program is what sets Patterson Custom Homes apart from all other design-build firms. Rather than the project ending upon build completion, that is just the start of our relationship with our homeowners. There is a peace of mind when building or buying a Patterson Custom Home that not only is the home built to offer longevity, but that there is also a mechanism in place to maintain the home forever.

For more information, please contact Brittany Ullestad by email at or by phone at 949.723.1800 ext. 202.