Happy New Year!

We closed out 2021 by celebrating 20 years of business, and the journey is far from over! Two thousand twenty-two marks the monumental halfway point, with 20 years of experience behind us and 20+ or more years of innovative projects still to come.

As we look to what is ahead, we are excited to continue elevating our clients’ experience of what a home – and what the home building process – can be. As a Legacy Builder we are proud to be setting The New Standard in home construction by building homes that far exceed the minimum building code requirements. We learn something new from each project we complete – nearly 300 over the last 20 years – and we use that information to continue to improve our homes and our process each year. From quieter rooms and floors to home automation and lighting control technology and everything in between, we are committed to providing a more comfortable home that anticipates each of our clients’ needs. Plus, our client relationships do not end on move-in day – in addition to building better homes, we are committed to maintaining them post-completion. We offer our clients a white-glove, preventative aftercare service to ensure the home – and its value – will last for generations to come.

Ensuring that the Patterson name is something we can be proud of is at the core of everything we do. We are not just working to make the business better, we are also working to make our community better – the community where Andrew and Shannon live and where their kids go to school. In addition to building better homes that become a lasting part of the fabric of our neighborhoods, we are committed to the people in our community. Year after year we get involved with our local schools and nonprofits, and give back by donating to programs and events that support the next generation.

In 2001 Andrew was just a guy in flip flops, asking around for help with his remodel. Today, we have a long list of people to thank – many of whom have been with us from the beginning – that we have worked alongside to create a portfolio of nearly 300 homes. If we thought the first 20 years were good, we can’t wait to see what the next 20 will bring.

Want to hear more about what Andrew was like back in the early days and how it all started? Watch in the video above as Andrew, Shannon, and some of the people we work with share their own stories about the business and the impact the last 20 years has had on each of them.

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