The New Standard

When we first decided to launch our new website and blog, we realized this would also be an ideal time to implement a new company tagline as well—something that would truly define what Patterson Custom Homes is about.

Why did we choose The New Standard? Because as the premier custom home builder in Newport Beach and the surrounding communities, we’ve been working hard for close to two decades to change the status quo in home building. As a result, we have created…

The New Standard for custom home builders

We’ve all heard the home building horror stories. Contractors who get started and then let the project languish. Contractors who promise the moon and then do shoddy work. Contractors who are impossible to reach during the project, and completely MIA two years later when an issue or question comes up.

Then there’s Patterson Custom Homes. We set the bar—i.e. The New Standard— for what an amazing contractor experience can be. From unbeatable timelines and a large full-time staff of professionals to our famous white glove service for lifetime aftercare, we make what can be a very stressful experience surprisingly enjoyable for you.

The New Standard for ongoing home maintenance

Many homeowners confuse home maintenance with home repair. They live in their home until something breaks, and then they call someone to fix it. However, like your car, your house is an asset that requires proactive maintenance to remain in top shape.

Just as you wouldn’t skip $35 oil changes and then risk blowing out your engine by driving until all of the warning lights come on, you shouldn’t defer maintenance on your home, either. A $500 deck resurface every five years, for example, can prevent you from needing a $20,000 to $30,000 deck replacement after water gets under the deck and causes mold and dry rot.

The New Standard says that the company that built your house should be the company that stands behind it and takes care of it over time. That’s why we created the Patterson Custom Home Care Program. If you have a Patterson home, this unique turnkey program takes “home maintenance” completely off your plate by handling everything from A to Z for you. You don’t even need to be home for the appointments!

The New Standard for quality construction

At Patterson Custom Homes we only build homes that we can stand behind, and we only use top-quality materials and industry-leading construction practices. When it comes to construction, The New Standard is the standard to which we have held ourselves since day one: Build the best houses possible. Period. Patterson homes are built to last. This means…

  • Waste lines are all cast iron, to ensure the best noise reduction coefficient.
  • Flashing is all copper flashing with solder joints, rather than just bondarized flashing, for improved lifespan.
  • Drywall is all 5/8” thick, versus the 1/2” building standard, for greater noise reduction.
  • Tile and stone surfaces are all properly sealed for improved lifespan.
  • Shower doors are all 1/2” thick Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass™, treated with Enduroshield™ to prevent water spotting.
  • Property line walls are all block walls with smooth plaster on each side, for longevity and excellent aesthetics.
  • Exterior doors are all 2-1/4” thick, for improved safety.
  • And much more.

Plus, with our comprehensive aftercare program, the build completion is just the beginning of our long-term relationship with you.

Patterson Custom Homes has created The New Standard, and we’re proud to be changing the way that people look at custom homes and the contractors who build them.


  1. Barb Andersen on February 27, 2019 at 5:05 pm

    The New Standard is the perfect tag. Congrats to the person (or team) who developed such an industry-leading “brand identifier”. Not only is the tagline unique, all of the marketing materials (e-mail announcements, website update, online videos, etc.) that accompany the introduction use superior writing skills and inviting text and outstanding visuals.

    A tagline is just a tagline unless it has the marketing expertise and product excellence to stand behind the words. It is evident that the new tagline correctly portrays the Patterson Custom Homes well established brand. Great job!

  2. Mary on February 23, 2020 at 2:05 pm

    I love all your homes. Wish you did work up here in Nor Cal. Keep it up!

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