Achieving Symmetry & Balance the Hard Way

One of the most important details in a Patterson Home is something that you’re not likely to consciously notice: Symmetry. Specifically, everything on the ceiling is lined up perfectly, completely balanced and symmetrical.

For example, we install a lot of tongue-and-groove patterned ceilings. When we do, we install the material in such a way that each recessed light is placed exactly at the center of a board or groove. Speakers, fire sprinklers and air conditioner registers are placed with precision as well. If you look down the center of a hallway, everything is equally spaced and perfectly lined up on the x- and y-axes. Thus we achieve the goal of symmetry.

Why is symmetry important?

At Patterson, we do this because we know that having everything lined up perfectly instills a sense of calm. It’s a psychological thing. There is order. Everything is in a straight line, leading you in a path or direction, and the result is an overall feeling of calmness and exactness.

The easy way to achieve symmetry

Of course, as with many things in custom home construction, there is an easy way to achieve symmetry, and there is a hard way.

Many contractors do not give any thought to this level of symmetry. Most of those who do simply create a non-structural ceiling six inches below the structural ceiling. This creates an empty and easily-accessible pocket in which to move around the lights, speakers and fire sprinklers.

But there’s a problem with this approach. When building a multi-level custom home in Newport Beach, you must work within the city’s 29-foot height restriction. Therefore, precious living space is forfeited when the extra six inches is used to create this pocket.

The way Patterson Custom Homes achieves symmetry

As you might have guessed, we achieve symmetry the hard way. We actually position the lights during the framing stage. We work with carpenters to determine the exact measurements and place the lights in the correct location long before the ceiling is installed.

Doing it this way is much more difficult, but it is standard for us.

Consciously you see that your ceilings are higher. Subconsciously you feel calmer because everything is straight and lined up. And practically you have a home that is more spacious for you to enjoy and will have added value if you ever decide to sell.

Symmetry without sacrificing ceiling height: Just another reason why Patterson Custom Homes is the premier custom home builder in Newport Beach and Coastal South OC.

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  1. Sue Costanzo on September 3, 2019 at 3:12 pm

    Agreed…thanks guys :=).

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